Icelnad Including Snæfellsness & Snæfellsjökull National Park Tours



Djúpalónssandur beach is one of the highlights of Snæfellsnes peninsula wonders. The picturesque beach is covered by countless little black stone which were shaped by the non stopping forces of the ocean and the wind.

Short paved road through lava field lead directly to from road 574 to Djúpalónssandur beach. The unique shapes of the frozen lava is dominating the landscape around. Snaefellsjokull volcano towering above gives this place a dramatic sense so unique to the Icelandic landscape.

Ruins of a shipwreck can be found on the beach, true evidence of the weather conditions in the area. Big rounded stones are still laid on the shore as testament of the old ways people used to measure their strength, each stone has different weight and the heaviest weight 154 Kg! Each sailor used to demonstrate his power in order to be hired to work on the ships.

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